Who is thums?

THUMS - or Total HUman Model For Safety - could be one of the smartest crash test dummies ever. He can't talk, but he can tell you a whole lot about what happens during a vehicle crash. That's because THUMS has a bone structure, ligaments and tendons, which help Toyota's researchers analyze, in detail, the impact to vital organs such as the heart, lungs and liver during a simulated crash.

The thums difference

Thanks to THUMS's vital organs, Toyota has been able to re-create and study situations that are closer to real-world conditions. The result is enhanced safety in Toyota's cars to give you and your passengers peace of mind.

Meet the
Thums Family

THUMS and his family members are carefully calibrated to represent various real-world human types, complete with detailed replicas of their respective human internal body structures. This attention to detail enhances the accuracy of test results obtained in crash simulations.